Smart Goals Tracker*

Tracking feature for probationary, weekly, and quarterly goals to aid performance management in the company's employee management portal. The Smart Goals Tracker feature is just a part of the company's employee and HR portal, but this particular feature is uniquely designed to follow the company's workflow from the bottom level up to the top.

It features ability to add goals, personally evaluate them, and have your supervisor evaluate it, as well as a summary of your hours rendered, and be able to download your goals history. This solved the company's problem of outdated usage of a bloated Google Sheets document. While it served its purpose, the document at times would freeze and slow down a lot during weekly and quarterly catch-up meetings where about a quarter of the company's members need to access and update it all at the same time. Majority of the employees agreed about needing a better, more efficient way to track their goals.

The brainstorming for this project started in January 2021 and this feature was part of Phase 1 which was protoyped and ready for development by August 2021.

A complete case study is currently being written for this project.

*Company name, logos, and identifying graphics/photos/colours have been changed for presentation purposes.

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